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Norges Jeger- og Fiskerforbund

The Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers

NJFF's head office at Hvalstad

The Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers (NJFF) is the only nationwide interest organization for hunters and anglers in Norway. NJFF has approximately 120 000 members belonging to 570 local hunting and fishing clubs in 19 county organisations throughout the country. The NJFF headquarters, with a staff of over 30 employees, is located in Hvalstad, situated 20 km southwest of Oslo. Each county organisation has at least one full-time employee.

NJFF works continually to:

  • secure and maintain viable game and fish stocks in order to ensure future hunting and fishing opportunity
  • ensure that all motivated hunters and anglers can gain access at a reasonable price
  • promote hunting and fishing as legitimate forms of harvesting natural resources now and in the future.


What is required for foreigners wishing to fish in Norway?

Any foreigner can fish for free in saltwater with a rod and/ or a hand-line (see brochure). However, in rivers and lakes with anadromous salmonids (Atlantic salmon, sea trout and/ or sea char), all anglers must purchase a state fishing license, which can be bought at any local post office. In addition, a local fishing permit must be acquired from landowners in order to fish on lakes and rivers, which are often privately owned. Such permits ("fiskekort") can often be bought at local gas stations or at Inatur.no. You do not need to buy a state fishing license to fish for other species than anadromous salmonids, but you will still need the permission of the landowner and may have to purchase a local permit. Please consult the Directorate for Nature Management’s web site on fishing for more information.


How can a foreigner hunt in Norway?

In order to hunt in Norway, one has to pass a hunter examination. Foreign hunters must document that they fulfill the requirements for hunting in their own country. This documentation, along with a postal money order covering the Norwegian hunting license fee, must be sent to the Norwegian Hunter Registry (Jegerregisteret, Box 398, Brønnøysund, Norway/ fax: +47 75 00 79 50) in order to buy the hunting license. Detailed information regarding application procedures and information to foreign hunters can be found on the Hunter Registry website.

Norwegian authorities now recognize the European Firearms Pass upon entry to Norway. In addition to the Firearms Pass, you must have a valid Norwegian hunting license (obtained from the Hunter Registry before arrival) when bringing firearms into Norway.

Please consult the The Directorate of Nature Managements (DN) webpages about hunting for more information.
Additional information on hunting in Norway can be found on the website of the Nordic Hunters

Where to hunt and fish?

Landowners in Norway hold exclusive rights to hunting and fishing on their land. Thus, it is necessary to obtain permission from landowners for anyone wishing to hunt or fish in Norway. No comprehensive overview of local landowners is currently available. Please contact us if you require more information, and we will try to help you as best we can.

Please consult the web site of the Directorate of Nature Management  for more information regarding hunting, fishing and natural resource management in Norway.


Contact person: Espen Farstad

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NJFF - artikler om jakt, sportsfiske, jakthund, jaktskyting

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